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Over 25,000 vacant and underutilized parcels can be found throughout New York City. A 3.5% tax rate on this land's market value, will bring in an additional $429.9 Million to the city's revenue.

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How to use this map:

Click on a city council district to see what percent of the total land area is vacant and the potential tax revenue increase for each district. Zoom in to investigate individual parcels and click on parcels to see land value, land use type, and current tax code

By the Numbers:

Current Tax from Vacant Land:
$114 Million
Proposed Tax on Vacant Land:
$543.9 Million
Increase in Revenue:
$429.9 Million
Current Average Tax/Sqft:
Proposed Average Tax/Sqft:

What is included in Vacant Land:

  • Land Use class 11: Vacant Land
  • Surface Parking Lots
  • No buildings present on land
  • Parcels where improvement value accounts for less than 15% of total market value

What is Not included in Vacant Land:

  • Land Use Class 09: Outdoor Recreation, Community Gardens, and Open Space
  • Fully Exempt Land
  • City Owned Land
  • State Owned Land
  • Federal Owned Land
  • Tax Class 3
  • Parking Garages